Distinguished by nature.

1,2 & 3 Bedroom
Urban Homes with
Panoramic Views

Boats 640X780
Overhead Coffee 600X600

Create the perfect backdrop for your new home.

Imagine being nestled up between the water and the mountains, in a special place where the timeless balance of beauty meets refined modernism.

Anchor, in something Bold.

Anchor is a stylish collection of well-appointed yet affordable 1, 2, & 3 bedroom urban homes with a focus on details from the onset. Almost every residence features a flex room with primary living spaces with 9’ ceilings designed to maximize functional efficiency. Elegant and sleek interiors with clean lines and well-thought-out floorplans inviting the abundance of natural light indoors through the large windows and balconies, highlighting the living areas creating a relaxing atmosphere. The exterior materiality displays monochromatic hues of white and silver, with textured elements complementing the organic feel of the green roof space, further enhancing the serenity and balanced environment of the surroundings of Port Moody.

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