We often hear the expression, “the kitchen is the heart of a home”, so we got to thinking that the dining room table could be assumed to be the parchment on which a romantic poem of delicious food can be served. While dining areas have not exactly been the hub of innovation over the years, if you are seeking it out, you can find some amazing unique dining room tables that are sure to be conversation starters and a piece in your home that you simply adore. Get inspired as we show you our favourite picks for unique dining room tables that you may just love!

From wedding backdrops, to headboards, is there anything a barn door can’t do? Check out this DIY blog by Cleverly Inspired for how to make a barn door table. She used it as a desk first, then later repurposed it by cutting the legs and making it into a coffee table.

We have also seen this dining room table DIY done with a huge, ornate door from a monastery; obviously, those doors are a little harder to come by…

Barn Door Table by Clevery Inspired Photo Credit: http://cleverlyinspired.com/Barn Door Table by Cleverly Inspired
Photo Credit: http://cleverlyinspired.com/


Picnic lovers that are saddened by the Canadian winters now have a table made just for them. Picture the soft grassy feels, any time of year – just try not to spill any food, because it’s not exactly easy to clean.

Grass Planter Table Top - picNYC Table by Haiko Cornelissen Photo Credit: http://inhabitat.comGrass Planter Table Top – picNYC Table by Haiko Cornelissen
Photo Credit: http://inhabitat.com


For those of us that love the grassy idea, but are more spill-prone or just not wanting to commit quite so much, there are grass table runners that can be added to any table top to give it that picnic vibe.

Artificial Grass Table Runner by ARTIFICIAL LANDSCAPES Photo Credit: http://www.notonthehighstreet.comArtificial Grass Table Runner
Photo Credit: http://www.notonthehighstreet....


If you aren’t moved by the outdoor ambiance of a grassy table then the next option may be for you. For the modern style enthusiast that traded their desire for a polished concrete floor for the laminate kind typically offered, there is some recourse. A concrete dining table – you can DIY or you buy it, just remember to ask them to deliver because these tables are heavy!

Concrete tables in the home of Bold's own Director of Business Development, Brandon Photo Credit: Brandon LosseConcrete tables in the home of Bold’s own Director of Business Development
Photo Credit: Brandon Losse


If you want to find a balance between rustic and contemporary, this unique driftwood and glass option might be the answer.

Driftwood Dining Table by CDI Furniture Photo Credit: http://www.thebay.comDriftwood Dining Table by CDI Furniture
Photo Credit: http://www.thebay.com


Finally, a few of our staff members are hockey fans and will most likely be DIYing this table now that the seed has been planted. A truly unique table and definite conversation piece, this table was designed and showcased in a Vancouver Olympic Village home. If you make friends with your local hockey rink custodian you should be able to wrangle enough sticks to make this table at a very reasonable cost – just remember to really gloss up that Lucky Loonie!

Centre Ice Table made of 2" thick acrypilc and sawed off hockey sticks design by Kodu Photo credit: Lila BujoldCentre Ice Table: 2″ thick acrylic with sawed off hockey sticks Designed by Kodu Photo Credit: Lila Bujold


Lucky Loonie found in the centre of the Centre Ice Table designed by Kodu<br /> Photo Credit: Lila BujoldLucky Loonie found in the center of the Centre Ice Table designed by Kodu
Photo Credit: Lila Bujold


No matter what table you choose, our only hope is that you get to enjoy delicious food at it with people you love. If you have an amazing table you bought, styled or DIYed please share with us on Instagram!

We love to be inspired!