1. Choose your colours wisely

Selecting the appropriate colours in your home can do wonders in attracting luck, prosperity, and good health. For the Year of the Pig, your colour schemes should include warm, earthy shades of red, yellow, orange, and pink. These shades can be accentuated with a hint of white, grey, blue, and brown.

Source: Etsy

2. KonMari your home

Have you climbed aboard the Marie Kondo bandwagon yet? If so, you have probably spent your weekends emptying closets and throwing away piles of belongings. Decluttering creates peace and allows positive energy to flow smoothly in your home. If it doesn’t ‘spark joy’, please remember to donate it to your local charity.

Source: FitFabFun

3. Go natural

Nature plays a big role in elevating your space and bringing vibrant chi into your home. Money plants and peace lilies are always recommended. However, feng shui experts suggest avoiding thorny plants such as cactus, despite how trendy they may be. Wooden furniture or décor, pottery, natural fabrics, and stone also complement the Year of the Pig.

Source: IKEA

4. Lucky numbers

The number 4 is well known to be unlucky in Chinese culture, but this year might be different. Feng shui experts advise numbers 4, 6 and 8 can bring prosperity this year. These numbers can be integrated nicely into your décor, whether it’s grouping candles, throw pillows, artworks, and other valuables in fours, sixes, or eights.

Source: Inspiration Abstracts

5. Lighten up

Although not specific to the Year of the Pig, light is one of the most important elements in creating balance. Dark spaces and dingy corners are never recommended. If your space is lacking windows, consider investing in recessed light fixtures, floor or table lamps, and candles to create a brighter, happier home.

Source: Delightfull