The smartest home you ever lived in.

Bold360 is an all-inclusive approach to interior design, merging a suite of technologies – like wireless climate and lighting control – with innovative design features to transform the way you live in your home.


Design around you.

You expect your digital life to work seamlessly. Why shouldn’t you expect the same from your home? Stay interconnected and control key features of your home remotely through your smartphone, even when you’re out of the house.

Features designed in harmony with the neighbourhood.

We build in features that reflect and complement the lifestyle of the neighbourhood, whether it’s remote, keyless entry in our urban condos, or outdoor gear storage in one of our outdoor communities.

Storage designed to fit your needs.

A suite of innovative cabinetry details throughout our homes make storage simpler and more intuitive.


You may not think about it, but we know you'll feel a difference


Energy Efficiency

Smart controls automatically adjust temperature and lighting whether you’re home or away. The result? Greater cost savings for you.



With features synced up to your smartphone, you’re connected to your home, wherever you are.


Intuitive Design

Thoughtful, built-in design elements are conveniently situated throughout, easily aligning with your everyday needs.


Quality of Life

Finally, a well-designed home that makes it easier to live a good life.

We've got you covered.

Our BoldCare program is our tried, tested and perfected solution for homeowner support.